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Deliveries within Europe are free of charge from an order value of 50 euros! For orders under 50 euros we charge 9.95 euro shipping costs.

For deliveries outside the EU we charge 29,95 euro shipping costs.

All shipping outside the EU is done according to Incoterms® Delivered At Place (DAP).

We use PostNL’s extensive network.

All orders placed before 10pm are dispatched the same day (excluding weekends and national holidays) and are delivered in Europe within 5 working days in most cases.

For orders outside the EU, it usually takes an average of 14 days to deliver goods outside the EU but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.

Track and trace is available on simple request via – please always include your order number in any communication

Please see our Returns Policies and Procedures at Returning and Exchanging an Order.

Freeze drying is a method of preserving food that preserves its taste, aroma, nutrients and properties. In this way, all nutrients are well protected, even the most sensitive ones.

Our dishes have a shelf life of 2 to a maximum of 8 years. We recommend keeping unopened pouches in a cool, dry place and away from anything that could puncture them.

The Rations have a Shelf Life of approximately 2 years after production date. This date is determined by the product with the shortest Best Before date. The meals in the Rations have the normal best before date.

We have a wide range of gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian dishes. We also have some vegan dishes.

In contrast to dried dishes (Bolino type from the supermarket), which are certainly cheaper, but also less tasty and have a shorter shelf life, freeze drying retains the full structure and taste of the food. much more vitamins and nutrients.

In addition, no refrigeration is required for the storage of freeze-dried food, and the weight of the food is reduced, which is a clear advantage for its transport. Finally, the rehydration of freeze-dried foods occurs very quickly, since they have a very porous texture.

Yes, almost all dishes can be prepared with room temperature or cold water. You should expect the hydration time to increase if you don’t use hot water.

An average man on a balanced diet needs about 2,500 kcal per day to maintain his weight and an average woman needs 2,000 kcal. However, this varies greatly with a number of factors such as: B. exercise, age and fitness level.

Our meals are made in Norway.

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